Reviews of Recent Independent, Foreign, & Documentary Films in Theaters and DVD/Home Video aims to be a comprehensive Web site for reviews of “specialty films” (for a lack of a better word): independent, foreign, documentary, as well as studio art films. Because many of these films may not be widely screened, if at all, in many parts of the U.S, we hope to make these films better known no matter where our readership resides. Hopefully these films may be viewed, if not theatrically, on DVD and home video. DVD special features will also be reviewed as well.

( does not review most general releases in which information is readily available from other sources or reissues, unless the film has been revised.)

Secondly, there has been a tradition in the publishing industry of writers reviewing the work of their peers. We feel that such a forum should take place within the film industry. By sharing their expertise, the reviewers - made up of directors, actors (such as myself), writers, etc. - will make this Web site unique. Our hope is that these critiques will be provocative and constructive both for the viewer and the industry.

Films that are exceptional in relation to other current releases or films in the same genre are awarded a star by the site's editors. However, playing a large part in this decision is the reviewers’ recommendation.

Thanks for your readership.

Kent Turner,

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