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Directed by: Bett Morgen & Nanette Burstein.
Produced by: Graydon Carter, Morgen & Burstein.
Adapted by: Morgen, based on the book by Robert Evans.
Director of Photography: John Bailey.
Edited by: Jun Diaz.
Music by: Jeff Danna.
Released by: Warner Brothers.
Country of Origin: USA. 93 min. Rated: R.
With: Robert Evans.
DVD Features: Commentary by: Morgen & Burstein. Additional Footage: "The Truth According to Bob"; "The Truth According to Others". Cast & Crew Bios. English, French, Spanish Subtitles. Trailer.

Actor-turned-studio mogul Robert Evans’ entertaining account of his remarkable career seems like a Vanity Fair article come to life (given that producer Graydon Carter is also the editor of the magazine, this may be more than simply coincidence). Evans is generally credited with turning a money losing studio, Paramount, into the industry powerhouse of the 1970s. In a voice-over, he boasts how he risked everything on the “little Polack” Roman Polanski directing Rosemary’s Baby, about his idea for a film to bridge the generation gap in Love Story, and his battles with The Godfather’s director Francis Ford Coppola. Many anecdotes are gossipy and riveting, such as Evans’s handling of Mia Farrow’s marital problems with Frank Sinatra and his courtship of Ali MacGraw. As a conversationalist he’s engaging, but after a while the chatter grows a bit tiresome, especially as he glosses over such details as his drug use. Like The E! True Hollywood Story or an episode of Behind the Music, much of his story–the fall from grace and the second chance–seem inevitable. But for film buffs at least, Evans’s vivid story will make them feel nostalgic for this period of Hollywood history. Don’t be surprised if you keep hearing Chinatown’s theme in your head.

DVD Special Features: Contrary to the title "The Truth According to Others," this section offers no rebuttals, let alone differing opinions. Instead, there are red carpet testimonials from colleagues, a clip from the The David Susskind Show featuring Vegas show girls reminiscing about the playboy Evans, and mildly amusing impersonations of Evans by Dustin Hoffman. "The Truth According to Bob" includes clips of Evans' speech that saved Paramount, an interview on ABC's Nightline, and his receiving two honorary awards. KT
September 30, 2003



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